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Global Job Catalog

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With COLMEIA Gobal Job Catalog we provide you with a tool to create a struc­tured job catalog pro­fessionally. With this you have a job systema­tization that allows you to adapt to the constantly changing company require­ments.

Does that sound familiar?

Employees in the same company carry out similar tasks but have different job profiles. It is almost impossible to compare their payment plans, career paths, or qualifications.

The challenge

In most companies, job descriptions are maintained on the position level. Systematic documentation of all jobs is usually not available. Job descriptions are created with the use of spreadsheet programs, which means in most cases that they are not structured, not consistently defined and often stored on local hard drives. Job overviews are rarely available or not up-to-date. In addition, maintenance processes lead to multiple versions of the same job description. In practice, many HR employees spend a lot of time creating and maintaining job descriptions. Consequently, job descriptions become a burden, a bureaucratic and unloved "exercise" with increased negative effects.

Job descriptions and job valuations are a necessary documentation of responsibilities within a company. They inform employees about tasks and goals, define the requirements for a job as well as qualifications, skills and competencies.

Our solution

With COLMEIA Global Job Catalog, we are able to deliver a versatile and expandable grid for a professional job systematization, used extensively in HR and consulting. Our application combines database functions with powerful editing, archiving and reporting capabilities. Order criteria, such as job families and grades, help to structure the job content. By including translation tasks as part of the creation process we effectively manage the need for multi-lingual job descriptions. Our integrated version management guarantees access to the most current and appropriate data, while retaining all historical data.

COLMEIA Software Suite manages data access and permissions for user groups directly and effectively. COLMEIA imports the relevant HR and organizational data into a secure cloud environment and ensures controlled and fast access to the data. 

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Benefits to you

COLMEIA Global Job Catalog reduces the complexity of a heterogeneous job landscape in international organizations. By providing tailor-made job models from a few hundred different standard roles, all relevant value creation operations are taken into account.

This solution can be seamlessly combined with COLMEIA Global Job Mapping to form the basis for a large number of valuable HR tasks by ensuring comparability across the company, e.g. for

  • Transparent, global and consistent compensation management
  • Global determination of required personnel and even more, targeted recruiting

Structure your global job descriptions consistently with COLMEIA Global Job Catalog and profit from new possibilities as a result of company-wide transparency.