Global Job Catalog

Define and systematize your global job catalog in no time

Global Job Catalog

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What it is

With COLMEIA Gobal Job Catalog we provide you with a tool to create a struc­tured job catalog pro­fessionally. With this you have a job systema­tization that allows you to adapt to the constantly changing company require­ments.

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Does this sound familiar?

  • Employees in the same company carry out similar tasks but have different job profiles
  • It is almost impossible to compare their payment plans, career paths, or qualifications
  • Unstructured capturing/maintaining/storing of job descriptions
  • Very time-consuming translation of job catalogue into local countries
Icon of the Global Job Catalog Service.

How COLMEIA can help

  • Flexible Cloud-Service to create and maintain global job catalogues in a single global database
  • Powerful editing, archiving and reporting capabilities
  • High quality translation of an entire catalogue in one click saving about 90% of time
  • Integrated version management with comparison function
  • ... and much more!

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