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Global Job Mapping

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COLMEIA Global Job Mapping pro­vides a cross-country and company-wide review of job descrip­tions and job-related values, making compara­bility possible.

Does that sound familiar?

Globally operating companies usually have neither consistent job titles nor a structured job landscape – at least not across national borders. So, global evaluations, based on the position or the employee, are difficult or even impossible.

The challenge

Employee-related master data – such as entry date, birth date, existing qualifications, employee's job title, etc. – are maintained at the employee level. Job related master data is rarely maintained consistently in large enterprises. As a result, job titles, job content, required qualifications, experience and skills, etc. are mostly not created as model information. This means that HR employees can indeed identify individual employees in the system, but they are unable to carry out structural reporting and analyses for basically similar jobs.

Our solution

COLMEIA Global Job Mapping controls the entire assignment process of positions and employees to jobs, job families, and grades in a global job catalog. A multi-stage approval process ensures the highest data quality. Responsible stakeholders can be involved in the process by adapting the process to your individual needs. Integrated reporting enables you to control the process in real-time and to create detailed reports. You can then return the results to your local systems via an automated export.

COLMEIA Software Suite manages data access and permissions for user groups directly and effectively. COLMEIA imports the relevant HR and organizational data into a secure cloud environment and ensures controlled and fast access to the data. Regular synchronization between the leading HR systems and COLMEIA Global Job Mapping ensures data consistency at all times, even during ongoing changes.

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Benefits to you

COLMEIA Global Job Mapping enables a cross-country and company-wide review of job descriptions and values, thus making comparability possible.

Optionally, when combined with COLMEIA Global Job Catalog, you can create the foundation for a new organizational analysis and evaluation, which in turn can be used as a basis for even more efficient processes.

  • Organi­zational bench­marks can be implemen­ted, for example: establi­shing the number, hierar­chical levels or the location distri­bution of qualified IT or R&D engineers in the organization.
  • By using a wide range of evaluation options, you can derive synergies for your strategic workforce planning and personnel deployment planning
  • Attractive career and succession planning be­comes possible, as well as deter­mining training require­ments for your employees. Use the trans­formed data base as a foun­dation to increase your employees’ happi­ness and loyalty and as an effec­tive tool to counteract short­comings in your company.

With COLMEIA Global Job Mapping you increase trans­parency and effec­tively reduce comple­xity within your organization.