Global Job Mapping

Categorize your employees' activities using global job catalogs

Global Job Mapping

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What it is

With COLMEIA Global Job Mapping we provide you with a tool to control the entire process of assigning positions and employees to jobs, job families and job grades in a global job catalog, making comparisons possible.

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Does this sound familiar?

  • Outdated and non-consolidated job architecture
  • No existing transparent process describing how employees are assigned to jobs/grading
  • Dealing with growth periods such as M&A is extremely difficult for your HR department
  • No model information for recording job-related master data
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How COLMEIA can help

  • Assignment of positions and employee to jobs and job families
  • Possibility to parallelly review and compare directly
  • Multi-stage approval process to enable responsible stakeholders to be involved in every step ensuring highest data quality
  • Creation of detailed reports in real time and automated export of the results into local systems
  • ... and much more!

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