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With the help of COLMEIA Global Reorganization, employees can be efficiently assigned to new organi­zational struc­tures. This solu­tion supports exis­ting HR systems in order to facili­tate trans­formation processes.

Does that sound familiar?

In an increasingly dynamic world, companies need to adapt to their environment faster than ever before. Managing transformation is more than just a project, it is a common and regular task in today’s business world. IT systems should actively support these transformational processes. Most HR management systems, however, were not designed for this.

The challenge

Changes in the business environment require permanent transformation processes within a company. From a technical point of view, many data sets have to be updated quickly and simultaneously according to uniform criteria. At present, different processors usually transfer the relevant data to MS-Excel and analyze it outside the leading HR system, and then manually transfer it back. During this time, the exported data is not connected to the HR system and is therefore not updated automatically in local copies when changes occur. Project managers find that such a process is difficult to control, is prone to errors, and ultimately has a success-critical impact on the speed of the process and the quality and consistency of the results. As a result, transformation processes become uncertain and, above all, time-consuming.

Our solution

COLMEIA Global Reorganization supports existing HR systems in order to facilitate transformation processes. The application is designed to change or rearrange large amounts of HR data. It is an efficient way of assigning organizational structures, such as organizational units, locations and cost centers, as well as any number of reporting lines to employees.

As in Global Job Mapping, a multi-level approval process ensures the highest data quality. By adapting to customer-specific processes, your responsible stakeholders can be involved in the process. Integrated reporting enables you to control the process in real-time and to create detailed reports.

COLMEIA Software Suite manages data access and permissions for user groups directly and effectively. COLMEIA imports the relevant HR and organizational data into a secure cloud environment and ensures controlled and fast access to the data. Regular synchronization between the leading HR systems and COLMEIA Global Job Mapping ensures data consistency at all times, even during ongoing changes.

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Benefits to you

By deploying COLMEIA Software Suite HR management wields a powerful tool for organizational changes.

  • Reorganizations are less prone to errors due to the use of approval levels and continuous synchronization with the leading HR systems
  • Only authorized users can access employee data, thus ensuring a high level of data security
  • Reorganizations become more predictable. Stake­holders have full trans­parency across the whole process thanks to different reporting functions
  • Our structured approach speeds up and simpli­fies the whole re­organi­zation process

Be prepared and start your upcoming organizational changes in a structured way with COLMEIA Global Reorganization!