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COLMEIA facilitates

global job mappings and reorganizations

COLMEIA stands out

by speed and efficiency

COLMEIA excites

by being fast and intuitive

COLMEIA structures

and reduces complex data


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Intelligent solutions for dynamic companies


Job Structure

COLMEIA is the key to worldwide, uniformly structured and systematically encoded job descriptions within your company 


COLMEIA reduces the complexity of thousands of unstructured positions to a few hundred standard roles

Transparency in Reorganizations

COLMEIA creates enterprise-wide transparency and is a highly efficient instrument for reorganizing and strategically aligning global

Basis for
the Future

COLMEIA delivers the foundation for dynamic workforce optimization, powerful talent management, and targeted benchmarking

How does COLMEIA Software Suite optimize your HR management?

Fast and significantly! With COLMEIA Software Suite you can structure and systematize your global HR resources in minimal time. This results in considerably higher transparency and added value. Here is a closer look at the details. More...

The Solutions of COLMEIA Software Suite

Global Job Catalog

Define and systematize your global job catalog in no time.

Global Job Mapping

Categorize your employees’ activities using global job catalogs.

Global Reorganization

Reorganize your global workforce quickly and efficiently.

Why COLMEIA Software Suite?

COLMEIA Software Suite is a modular solution for global Human Resources management challenges. It is cloud-based, takes account of current German and European security and data pro­tection regu­lations, and intelli­gently combines data from any number of HR systems.

This ensures minimal implemen­tation effort with maxi­mum benefit.

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