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How does COLMEIA Software Suite
optimize your HR management?

HR departments nowadays have access to the personnel master data of employees - with infor­mation such as the entry date, age, department, cost center and qualifi­cations. What they lack, however, is compa­rable infor­mation about the positions and value-added roles in the company itself. This is because the titles, areas of responsi­bility, qualifi­cation profiles and other specifics are often neither systema­tically nor consistently recorded across all countries. This is exactly what COLMEIA Software Suite offers and is why it can open up completely new possibilities.

Success with a structured Job Catalog

Branch-specific job catalogs, as usually used by large companies, provide the foundation for Global Job Mapping. The first step is to analyze the value chain of a globally operating organization and to identify all the job families. Human resources, information technology and finance are usually represented in the catalog, and also job families for sales, production, and research and development.

With COLMEIA Global Job Catalog, we enable you to customize and merge your job catalog through differentiating properties such as targeted leveling. You generate a grid for a global job-positioning system: an individualized job model that helps you reduce the complexity of thousands of unstructured jobs to a few hundred standard roles.

In combination with COLMEIA Global Job Mapping, you benefit because your global job catalog is used as a foundation during the entire process of assigning employees to job descriptions, job families and grades. This results in a goal-oriented and consistent global job mapping.

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A powerful instrument for your HR tasks

COLMEIA Software Suite’s strengths are reflected in strategic realignments, mergers and acquisitions (before and after,) and in fundamental changes in the value chain. The reason: these situations always require a reorganization of the global personnel and/or workforce structures and have become common practice nowadays. It does not change the fact, however, that reorganizations are associated with a lot of effort and high costs, in particular through the use of external consultants. Typically, it takes months to analyze and reorganize a global human resources structure.

COLMEIA Global Reorganization accelerates and predicts the entire process better through its reporting functions. The software imports HR data from your HR systems, analyzes it automatically with pre-defined algorithms and thus provides complete process transparency – for example, by displaying the number and regional distribution of employees and their jobs.

This knowledge is the prerequisite to perform strategically secure reorganizations. Global Reorganization delivers this knowledge and is a highly efficient instrument for the reorganization itself: Individual employees and whole teams can be assigned to designated positions in just a few clicks in an individually customizable verification and approval process.


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