Global Technology Impact Determine the Impact of New Technologies on Your Workforce. In Numbers and Down to Individual Roles.

Visualize the future, quantified impact of new technologies on your workforce. Specific, actionable, and reliable. Run through different transformation scenarios and take the best decisions.

How Does It Work?

1. Learn Where and How New Technologies Affect Your Workforce

Start with an analysis of the total impact. Visualize the foresight in numbers by organizational unit, demography, location, and hierarchy. Based on your job architecture and our Level-of-Work methodology. If you don’t have a job architecture, yet, no worries. We can build one for you.

2. Tailor the Results to the Reality in Your Organization

We made our model customizable because no generic data model can provide you with strong enough results to serve as a reliable basis for your strategic decisions. Together we’ll incorporate your internal expertise and refine the impact profiles of every relevant technology to make the foresight even more meaningful for you. This exercise will also bring your team on board and accelerate the results’ implementation.

3. Integrate Your Existing Transformation Initiatives

Your company will already run strategic initiatives to integrate emerging technologies for innovation or to leverage tech for efficiency gains. These important experiences and future plans should be part of your comprehensive plans.

4. Identify, Compare, and Implement the Best Initiatives

With a complete and reliable set of data that illustrates your company’s situation truthfully, our software enables you to genuinely grasp the extent of challenges and opportunities, compare different business cases, and decide on the most promising initiatives to go forward.

Any Organization Can Create Clear, Early Visibility of Technology Impact With COLMEIA.


You know that new technologies will considerably impact your business and workforce. But do you know how and where?

Strategy Consultants

You are supporting a client in choosing the best technologies to invest in. Can you determine the best moment and the quantified impact over time?

HR Consultants

You are supporting a client with strategic workforce planning. Do you have the numbers to define career paths, reskilling initiatives and optimize recruiting?

Unique in its clarity.

Unique in its results.

Grasp the impact of new technologies on your workforce, in detail.

Get results you can work with. Specific, actionable and reliable.

Compare scenarios and identify the best strategic options.

Assure buy-in from key internal experts for your transformation activities.

Make your transformation agile: Include new information and easily adapt your measures.

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Our approach

Global Technology Impact brings clarity to very complex and strategic challenges. We accompany your discovery path with expertise in methodology, data design, and workshops to make sure that you’ll get the strategic results you need.


  • Cloud solution with secure web login.
  • Import your organizational structures and employee data.
  • Measure individual impact.
    • Proprietary model to estimate workforce impact of new technologies.
    • Editor to individually adjust all details to your specific business situation.
    • Visualize the impact by organizational unit, regions, product, and demography.
    • Simulate various business cases and compare their potential ROI.
    • Flexible reporting engine that lets you turn your data into dashboards matching your specific requirements.
    • Map view: Visualize impact by regions and drill down locally.
    • Anonymized view of employee data (optional).
  • Fine-grained user management. Define who can perform which action and see which data.
  • Fully GDPR compliant. ISO 27001 certified data center and BSI-certification, hosted in Germany.


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