Global Org Mapping

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Global Org Mapping

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What it is

Global Org-Mapping is the process of mapping your entire workforce to a new target org-structure. In addition to assigning typical org-structure-elements like e.g. org-units, locations, cost-centers etc., you can also re-assign your (matrix)-management functions for each employee. Of course, this service also offers COLMEIA's powerful configuration and integration features.

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Icon of the Global Org Mapping Service.

Does this sound familiar?

  • No unified data set to work on; usually scattered amongst several spreadsheet files
  • Tedious and error prone data management with the usual business office tools
  • No overview of the overall and detailed progress of the mapping
  • Informal / organizational review processes that do not provide security for neither the HR professionals, nor to the management / controlling
  • No configurable service available that supports all aspects of the reorganization process
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How COLMEIA can help

  • Work in configurable campaigns that guide you throughout the entire process
  • Visually assign employees to new organization structures, head functions, and other related organizational information
  • Create and use your own approval workflow to fit your needs
  • Continuously monitor the process and provide detailed reports on outstanding entities/areas
  • Export the created Org Structure into the company’s leading HR-System(s)
  • ... and much more!

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