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Even though agility and flexibility are king in our VUCA world, strategy didn’t lose its immeasurable value. On the contrary, executives, specifically including CIOs, CTOs, CDOs and CFOs, have to revisit their key assumptions more often. They have to answer questions about the impact of emerging technologies on their business model and workforce, choose the most promising measures and keep costs under control at all times.

COLMEIA improves your planning capabilities by providing a reliable, up-to-date and sound picture of your workforce with a job catalog, enabling quicker organizational reactions and realizing efficiency potentials.

Additionally, our foresight tool Global Technology Impact expands your competitive advantage by creating clarity about the impact of new technologies. You’ll be able to compare and quantify your various options, i.e. optimizing technology-investment decisions or investing timely into reskilling programs.

The increasing importance of people management for overall business success make the challenges in HR only more urgent. Be it the design of efficient compensation programs, creating compelling career paths, improving employee experience or the preparation of your workforce for future demands.

Colmeia helps HR professionals twofold. First, by easily creating an organizational structure and a transparent, truthful picture of your workforce today.  Second, by creating the necessary visibility of the impact of emerging technologies on your workforce tomorrow and enabling decisions about the most promising adjustment measures today.

Transformation is as much about technology as it is about people. Colmeia’s solutions help you in both areas.

Understand the measurable impact of new technologies on your workforce to optimize your investments. Get your team on board by creating clarity, offering compelling career paths and embarking early on the right reskilling projects.

Merging different organizational structures is complex in planning and time-consuming in execution. Especially if different legal entities, geographies and business units are involved.

No matter if you decide to maintain different structures or merge them in a single structure, gathering all relevant employee data quickly, detecting inefficiencies and harmonizing what needs to be harmonized, will help you to realize the potential which led to your M&A activity.

Colmeia helps you in aligning organizational structures today and putting numbers on the potential of technological change tomorrow.

As a consultant you can integrate our SaaS solutions into your own client projects.

HR & Strategy: Use Colmeia to build job architectures, create job catalogues, carry out job mapping processes and/ or access standard job descriptions for a specific industry.

Strategy & Transformation: Use Colmeia’s software and methodology to visualize the quantified impact of new technologies on your client’s workforce and identify their most promising transformation path into the future.

We provide you with the necessary training and accompaniment to make sure your projects run smoothly but will stay out of the picture.

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Having transparency gives you the necessary understanding of the reality you operate in. Transparency puts you in the position to identify issues early on and create solutions that actually work.

COLMEIA provides you with transparency into your workforce today and tomorrow to support your strategic workforce planning.

Align your people strategy with your business strategy

  • Create flexibility in organizational structures and navigate VUCA-situations (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous).
  • Identify critical roles, skills, and people.
  • Identify the impact of technologies on your workforce and also the best reactions.
  • Encourage employees to develop the critical skills you need by designing opportunities for career development.

Build organizational resilience

  • Formalize how your processes can flex.
  • Design varied, adaptive roles so employees acquire cross-functional knowledge.
  • Offer visibility into internal positions to improve mobility.
  • Support talent managers with clarity on desired role-outcomes and development opportunities to facilitate meaningful conversations and greater retainment.

Create greater agility in HR

  • Create the ability to rapidly plan critical resources based on real data.
  • Design roles and structures around outcomes.
  • Adopt more cost-effective reactions.
  • Keep transparency up to date with a single source of truth.

Identify and address your future talent needs

  • Anticipate changing workforce demographics and labor supply shortages.
  • Discover where reskilling is necessary.
  • Assess existing skill profiles.
  • Uncover high-value skills and aptitudes by people which are not yet on your radar for critical roles.
  • Determine where renting talent can fill gaps or save costs.

Improve employee experience and retain people

  • Visualize clear career paths for greater employee inspiration.
  • Create horizontal and vertical careers for different employee demands.
  • Provide visibility into internal positions for active career development support.
  • Address the gender pay gap.

Companies increasingly adopt HR systems to make operations more efficient and design better employee experiences. However, any human resources system (often coming under the name of Human Resources Management System (HRMS), Human Resources Information System (HRIS) or Human Capital Management (HCM)) is built around individual data and does not offer functionalities to manage your organizational structure as a whole. Meanwhile, this is crucial for large organizations, for long-term planning and for implementing new organizational models or work forms.

Colmeia’s suite maximizes the ROI of your investment in HR software and assures that it’s delivering value company-wide.

Structure your workforce

  • Transform your heterogenous job landscape into a high quality, multi-language, globally standardized job catalog.
  • Map your employees to the target jobs, with skills, competencies and grades.

Minimize time used for data collection and data entry

  • Use a single point of truth for all data and control it with your individual approval workflow.
  • Integrate all relevant employees worldwide in the process.
  • Save time with mass assignments.
  • Save time on translations.
  • Use standard industry content to write the best job descriptions.

Assure the quality of your data

  • Define an approval workflow that supports your processes.
  • Achieve compliance both with internal and external rules.
  • Have your data ready for reporting and audits.
  • Detect cross-references and possible constraints and assure accuracy of the data you put into your HR system.

Assure the consistency of your data

  • Create clarity and alignment for jobs on all levels, worldwide.
  • Allow for benchmarking (externally) and job comparison (internally).

Overcome internal resistance

  • Provide the people which work with your HR system with accurate and consistent data.
  • Involve all stakeholders in the process, each with individual access rights.

Digital transformation is also a workforce transformation. For digital transformation to succeed, internal processes need to follow. Colmeia’s suite equips HR with the workforce transparency and flexibility they need to assist senior management in all change processes.

Create workforce flexibility

  • Create job structures that balance both consistency and flexibility.
  • Create a flexible, team centric job architecture by reducing the number of levels, titles, and pay grades, and introducing fewer, broader pay bands.
  • Get ability to deploy resources in a project-based manner around the organization without the need for accompanying administrative changes such as job descriptions or pay administration.
  • Move faster and adapt more quickly by lowering time spent on structural changes.

Enhance talent management

  • Run talent capability diagnostics before embarking on each step of the digital transformation path and find out which talent to hire at which stages of your initiatives.
  • Design and match both vertical and horizontal career opportunities.
  • Develop compelling career paths that embrace dynamic career demands from your people.
  • Create learning opportunities which match the demand for missing skills and capabilities.

Improve employee experience

  • Create meaningful career progressions by introducing flatter structures and learning opportunities which match your actual needs.
  • Reward employees for their skills, abilities, and contributions, not for their position, title or ‘market rate’.
  • Raise employee engagement through greater breadth of experience and accumulation of broader skills.
  • Create trust by building and communicating clear career paths and giving visibility into internal mobility opportunities.
  • Create understanding by making the long-term impact of new technologies and the need for changes visible.

Manage the impact of new technologies

  • Ensure competitive advantage by gaining early visibility of the impact of new technologies on your workforce.
  • Find the right time for optimal investments and effective scaling of new technologies.
  • Give employees guidance for long-term development and engagement with new technologies.
  • Detect the skills your company needs to compete in the future.
  • Design re-skilling programs and create greater internal mobility.

It is no news that reskilling and upskilling are top priorities for any organization and the Covid-19 pandemic only made things worse. The pace of technological change has been too rapid for reskilling activities being sufficient to master the change. Companies need an approach that both considers the dynamic nature of changing job requirements and the dynamic need for people to reinvent themselves.

Organizations should look simultaneously at the changing skill requirements and the changing set of skills available in their workforce. Colmeia provides you with both, a stable repository of data about your employees and the necessary foresight to plan your reskilling activities.

For employers

  • Anticipate changing workforce demographics to engage in timely actions.
  • Asses profiles and uncover critical roles and skills.
  • Reduce training and hiring costs by reskilling the right people at the right time. Retain company knowledge.
  • Increase internal mobility: Fill new or vacated positions within the company and keep top employees in your organization.
  • Create more versatile employees: They can heighten efficiency and improve time-to-market.
  • If social responsibility is part of your mission, prove your engagement with pro-active development of your employees.

“Half of [employees] … need new, more advanced skills to move to occupations one or even two wage brackets higher”, as compared to only 6% before the pandemic. (McKinsey, 02/2021)

For employees

  • Keep stable employment in an unstable environment.
  • Higher motivation and engagement: Provide a greater breadth of opportunity within the organization.
  • Possibility for personal growth and lifelong learning.
  • Improve employees’ understanding about how careers progress in the organization and motivate employees by providing career maps and plans.
  • Clearly define criteria for high performers to get promoted through the organization.

Mergers & acquisitions

Organizational structures change over time but it’s especially during M&A processes that the need for a sound infrastructure comes to light. The objective is usually to align multi-dimensional hierarchies such as legal entities or geographies to realize the synergies for which the M&A process was started in the first place. With Colmeia you can create a reliable set of master data to decouple the employee data from specific systems, design the most promising workforce structure and speed up your M&A process.

  • Make M&A activities quicker by gaining transparency and oversight.
  • Make M&A activities culturally successful by harmonizing responsibilities, value, compensation and career paths based on enterprise-wide criteria.
  • Easily create a single job architecture for the new, larger organization.
  • Enable accurate HR reporting and planning during complex processes.
  • Detect which titles are not needed anymore or might have been created only for one single job and get a leaner, more flexible organization.

In a world of exponential developments, a company’s best answer to keep up with creating value for customers is enabling agility and innovation within their processes and employees. But efficiency is far from being out of the picture. Especially with workforces usually being the largest cost factor, it is paramount for organizations to keep payroll costs under control. This doesn’t necessarily mean reducing the workforce but rather managing the required, changing skill sets, gaining transparency to create efficient pay systems and enable HR to contribute to overall business success.

Colmeia’s tools give you the transparency and flexibility to manage your workforce more efficiently and the foresight to manage the long-term technological impact.


  • Create a leaner organizational structure and make administrative HR processes more efficient.
  • Detect on time which roles are prone to be replaced by new technologies and reskill your teams to match new requirements.
  • Feed your main HR system with correct, comprehensive structural data and detect inefficiencies and cost saving opportunities.
  • Improve employee productivity by creating and communicating a harmonized structure, clear responsibilities and career paths.
  • Enable internal and external benchmarking and create an efficient pay system based on market values.
  • Enable more accurate HR reporting by getting better insights.
  • Maintain control over your core master data when you rely on outsourcing for specific HR services, such as benefits administration, recruiting, relocation or training.
  • Enable providers to extend your data with additional attributes and govern it outside of your organization.
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COLMEIA saves you time, money and stress and provides invaluable insights into your workforce today and tomorrow.

We make sure that we adapt to your processes, to your current IT landscape and fulfil tight privacy regulations. Meanwhile this is easy to us, it is a different set-up in each company.

We therefore decided to use standard integrations only where it makes sense and provide customized integrations whenever needed.

For you, this means peace of mind, COLMEIA integrates with your system. Because we integrate with all, including Workday and SAP SuccessFactors.

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