Why We Do What We Do and How to Work With Us.

Our Story

Why We Do What We Do.

We don’t have one story, we have many. We are designers, coders, consultants, and marketers from three continents, representing countless different experiences and skills. Combining our expertise, we are united in the conviction that people management too often gets stuck in administrative tasks and fails to take advantage of its true potential.

We know that the successful businesses of tomorrow must be successful both in terms of profit and people. We believe that by taking the right measures, companies can ensure job satisfaction that is not mutually exclusive to profitability – that people can actually feel heard and part of a community.

That’s where COLMEIA comes in. Our platform is designed to give managers the transparency and oversight they need to make the best decisions. Rather than dictating solutions, COLMEIA provides options and guidance, empowering managers to take their own ideas and put them into practice. In this way, we can help companies make the greatest possible social impact in the most accessible way.


Get on Board

We invite Strategy and HR Consultants to take advantage of COLMEIA for their client projects.

  • Accelerate the implementation process of HCM or HRIS software.
  • Save time and money in building job architectures, creating job catalogs, or carrying out job mapping processes.
  • Help your clients visualize new technologies’ quantified, future impact on their workforce and define their best path into the future.

Our proprietary solutions and methodologies are on the frontline of talent management and workforce planning, enabling companies to become more agile and create foresight for strategic decisions.

What’s in It for You?

  • New business. Win over new clients.
  • Upselling: Additional service offerings for your clients.
  • Cross-selling: Position your transformation or automation services.
  • Thought leadership: Show the world that you’re one step ahead.

What Do You Get From Us?

  • Access to our software for yourself and your clients from anywhere in the world.
  • Fine-grained user management apt to your project.
  • Enterprise-level security.
  • Initial training for you to handle your client project easily.
  • Comprehensive, ongoing support.
  • Access to the methodology.

Shall We Talk About Details?

Let us know where we can reach you and we’ll be in touch ASAP. Use this form or contact us by phone or email.

Phone: +49 (89) 7167760-80


    Our team

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    • Reinhard Binder

      Demos, Partnerships & Sales

    • Christoph Plagge

      Software Life Cycle Management & Jobs

    • Tobias Veit-Seidl

      Customer Relations

    • Siegmar Schulz

      Expert in Job Architecture

    • Julia Bohn

      Expert in Job Architecture

    • Andreas Letto

      Expert in Technology Impact

    • Dr. Ralph Koeppen

      Expert in Skills Management

    • Manuel Lutz

      Software Development

    • Julia Sommer

      Software Development

    • Vasco Correia

      Software Development

    • Guido Radel

      Growth & Marketing

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    Experienced Full Stack Java Developer

    • Agile software development
    • Concept / architecture / development of JEE applications with a focus on HR-topics
    • Front-end and/or back-end development, depending on your skills and interests
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