Global Job Catalog

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Create a complete, structured job catalogue in no time.

All your people in one place together with all relevant information. The most flexible, secure and complete cloud solution for large corporations to design and manage job architectures.

Global Job Catalog

Design your job catalog fast with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

  • Import all existing data.
  • Edit, copy and write with simple “single-step” actions.
  • Use our standard job catalogs for your job descriptions.
  • Collaborate with your team, wherever they are.
  • See the entire history of changes and control the process.
  • Translate automatically to 100+ languages.
  • Visualize your organizational structure.
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While having a basic Job catalogue structure in place, we still struggled to adapt it to our future needs. We were looking for an easy and globally applicable leveling structure for our jobs. And for a service which helps us in the process of mapping over 35 K people, in a short time frame.” 

– KION Group

Highly efficient in the process.

Highly efficient improving your processes.

Save time and money in creating and maintaining a job catalog.

Get faster implementing your HR system and retrieve more value from it.

Get transparency over your workforce, leverage efficiency potentials and take the best strategic HR decisions.

Cut down administrational work for local managers and give them time for what matters most: people.

Save time and money during M&A or spin-off processes.

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Our approach

The design of a job catalog needs to fit to your long-term, strategic needs but the process to build it has to be the most efficient short-term. Our experts are with you along the way to make sure all your goals are met. With advice on the most efficient setup, best practices in organizational structure, data quality and data collection to make sure that you’ll get the results you need.


  • Cloud solution with secure web-login.
  • Configurable, fine-grained user management. Define who can perform which action and see which data.
  • Import of existing job data (titles, skills, grades, internal codes etc.). Build upon existing structures.
  • Catalogue builder.
    • Intuitive editing, copying, comparison and writing with simple “single-step” actions.
    • Create and manage job families, sub-job families and single jobs.
    • Add fields of your choice with text and structural information (type, descriptions, competencies, etc.).
    • Job classification (i.e. EEO).
    • Visualization of organizational structure in two modes: content driven or strategic. Powerful reporting and archiving capabilities.
  • Access to standard job catalogues with thousands of templates.
  • Access to history of changes, fully audited for compliance.
  • Automatic translation to 100+ languages with one click.
  • Download/ export individual job profiles.
  • Export of job catalogs to CSV, Excel, PDF.
  • Possibility to implement customer specific interface for any HR system. Incl. Workday and SAP SuccessFactors.
  • Enterprise-grade security and fully GDPR compliant.


Read our white paper ‘The ultimate guide to job architecture – 2021’.

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Read our white paper ‘Effectively manage your job architecture during periods of growth’.

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