Global Job Mapping

Bring your organizational structure to life

Swiftly assign positions and employees.

Together with skills, competencies and grading – to create successful pay programs and career paths. Building a job architecture doesn’t get easier than this.

Global Job Mapping

Map all employees quickly with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

  • Import existing, multi-language job catalogs.
  • Choose what you need from 40+ org-related fields.
  • Mapping with drag & drop. Mass assignments with one click.
  • Grade employees while you’re at it, tool included.
  • Collaborate with your team, wherever they are.
  • Progress monitoring and result reporting. Control the process.
  • Export your final data to your HR system.
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“With the specialized COLMEIA cloud service, it was a matter of few days to setup an agile global mapping process.” 

– KION Group

Maximize agility.

Minimize time and errors.

Save time and money during the mapping process. Eliminate errors.

Create agility and flexibility in organizational development.

Identify skill gaps, define career paths and create opportunities for career development.

Get transparency over your workforce, leverage efficiency potentials and take the best strategic HR decisions.

Get faster implementing your HR system and retrieve more value from it.

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Our approach

The process of mapping employees and their skills to the roles in your company can be arduous, time consuming and prone to errors. A software will easily raise the efficiency of the process but its application has to be aligned with your goals, IT-systems and skill management to effectively enable your organizational development. Our team of experts will make sure that the setup aligns with your processes and that the results feed into your long-term goals.


  • Cloud solution with secure web-login.
  • Configurable, fine-grained user management. Define who can perform which action and see which data.
  • Import of existing, multi-language job catalogs. Build upon existing structures.
  • Mapping tool. Easy, quick, complete.
    • Mapping with drag & drop and copy/paste function.
    • Mass assignments in one click.
    • Column sorting/ reordering.
    • Configurable view-/ filter-definitions.
    • Choose from 40+ HR- and org-related fields.
    • Employee grading tool.
  • Process control by defining parameters (i.e. time-frame or sub-population).
  • Progress monitoring and results reporting.
  • Configurable approval workflow.
  • Log-files of history of changes.
  • Continuous update of your job catalog.
  • Export of your final data (mapped and approved) to any HR system.
  • Fully GDPR compliant. ISO 27001 certified data center and BSI-certification, hosted in Germany.


Read our white paper “Job mapping as a driver for HR optimization”.

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