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(ˈwərkfôrs dəˈzīn)
We improve the competitiveness and agility of large organizations by functional design of workforce infrastructure. Our SaaS solutions and methodologies are easy to use, speed up the deployment of your job architecture and give you unparalleled visibility of the impact of new technologies on your workforce. Colmeia

Workforce Design

What’s in It for You?

Build a Job Architecture in No Time

Create quickly a complete, structured catalog of all existing roles in your organization.

  • Save time and money in designing and implementing a job architecture.
  • Get faster implementing your HR system.
  • Get more value out of your HR system.
  • Take better strategic HR decisions with better data.
  • Create leaner, more flexible structures.
  • Save time and money during M&A or spin-off processes.
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Realize the Potential of New Technologies in Your Organisation

Visualize the impact of new technologies on your workforce, compare scenarios and decide for the best way forward.

  • Create deep understanding through clear visualization and a transparent, conceptual framework (our proprietary Level of Work matrix).
  • Plan with highly specific scenarios by adapting the model to your situation.
  • Act by designing and running through various business cases.
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Your People Drive Your Business

Let them thrive without losing sight of efficiency and future requirements.

A well-designed job architecture is the foundation for optimal human capital practices. It lets you design and implement policies which create value for your organization and your people alike. From workforce planning to efficient pay programs and from defining clear career paths to reskilling.

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The Ultimate Guide to Job Architecture - 2023

Learn how to set up a job architecture in your organization and leverage new value for your business and your people.

Client Success Stories

See how German Kion Group built a high-quality job catalog for 36.000+ employees in just three months.


What You Get


Industry job catalogs


Individual job profiles


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Turn the impact of new technologies into an edge over your competition

... and cover your downsides.

Which technologies will impact your organization? In which unit? Which skills will you need in your organization and what does that mean for your people?

Having transparency about the answers lets you stay on top of the game. You will be able to identify and implement the most promising transformation projects, invest in the most impactful technologies at the right time and create clarity for careers, reskilling and hiring.

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Reap the benefits of workforce planning for your company.

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