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A Job Architecture Is a Prerequisite for Every HCM Implementation. But There Are Other Valuable Use Cases.

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In today’s VUCA world, agility and flexibility are essential, yet strategy still plays a major role. CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, and CFOs need to continually review their assumptions and ask tough questions about how emerging technologies will affect their business model and workforce. COLMEIA can help. It provides a comprehensive view of the workforce and job architecture, allowing for more responsive organizational decisions and cost savings. Also, our Global Technology Impact tool helps give you an edge by providing insight into the impact of new technologies. It enables you to compare and quantify your options, such as optimizing tech investments and launching reskilling programs. All of this provides you with more control and clarity to stay ahead of the competition.

As businesses become ever more reliant on the effectiveness of their people management strategies, the challenges faced in HR become ever more urgent. Whether it is designing efficient compensation programs, creating engaging career paths, improving employee experience, or preparing the workforce for future demands, it is essential for HR professionals to stay ahead of the game. COLMEIA is here to help. By providing a simple way to create an organizational structure and give an honest overview of your current workforce, it ensures visibility of the impact of emerging technologies on the future of your workforce, enabling you to make the best decisions today.

Transformation is as much about technology as it is about people. COLMEIA’s solutions help you in both areas.

Understand the impact of new technologies on your workforce to optimize your investments. Get your team on board by creating clarity, offering compelling career paths, and embarking early on the right reskilling projects.

Merging different organizational structures is a complex and time-consuming process, and this is even more so if different legal entities, geographies, and business units are involved. However, regardless of whether you choose to keep existing structures or join them together into one, gathering essential employee data quickly, identifying inefficiencies, and harmonizing applicable areas will help you to realize the goals of your M&A activity. COLMEIA is here to support you in bringing organizational structures into alignment and facilitating the process of technological change in the future. We understand the complexity of the task ahead and are committed to helping you succeed.

As a consultant, you can use COLMEIA to your advantage to create successful projects for your clients. Our software and methodology are designed to help you with HR and strategy initiatives. For example, COLMEIA can be used to build job architectures, create job catalogs, carry out job mapping processes, and/or access standard job descriptions for a specific industry. Additionally, the software allows you to identify and visualize the quantified impact of new technologies on your client’s workforce, ultimately helping you to identify the most promising transformation path for them into the future. To ensure that your projects run smoothly, we provide you with the necessary training and accompaniment, while staying out of the picture.


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Adopting HR software is becoming a must-have for modern companies looking to make their operations more efficient and ensure their employees have a quality experience. However, traditional HRMS, HRIS, and HCM systems are built around individual data and don’t offer any sort of organizational structure management. This is a problem for large companies that need to keep track of their workforce and organizational structure and plan for the long term.

COLMEIA’s suite solves this problem by maximizing the ROI of your HR software investment and guaranteeing that value is being spread company-wide. It allows you to structure your workforce by transforming a heterogenous job landscape into a multi-language, standardized job catalog and map out your employees to the positions they really fill. Data collection and entry are made easier with the suite’s single point of truth and approval workflow, allowing you to integrate all relevant employees into the process and save time with mass assignments and translations.

Additionally, the suite ensures the accuracy of data, compliance with both internal and external rules, and consistency of data across all levels. Finally, it helps overcome internal resistance to HR software by providing accurate and consistent data to those who use it and by involving all stakeholders in the process with individual access rights.

Aligning your people with your business strategy is paramount to achieving your organization’s goals. COLMEIA allows you to create the necessary transparency.

Which roles and skills are available in your workforce today, and which will you need in the future? Which are the critical roles, and how will your workforce demographics change?

Identifying the gaps becomes easy. COLMEIA helps create greater organizational resilience and agility in HR, improve employee experience, identify and address future talent needs, and retain people cost-effectively.

Learn more about strategic workforce planning in our comprehensive guide or read the overview of the most important frameworks.

As the world increasingly moves digital, digital transformation is closely associated with workforce transformation. To ensure that digital transformation is successful, companies must have processes in place to ensure workforce flexibility, talent management, and an improved employee experience.

COLMEIA’s suite of solutions equips HR teams with the necessary tools to do just that. Companies can create job structures that balance both consistency and flexibility, deploy resources, and design compelling career paths that embrace the dynamic demands of the workforce. Additionally, they can run talent capability diagnostics, create meaningful career progressions, and reward employees based on their skills.

Not only this, but COLMEIA’s suite also helps companies to manage the impact of new technologies by giving guidance for long-term development, detecting the skills needed to compete in the future, and designing reskilling programs. With COLMEIA, companies can enable digital transformation while ensuring a high-quality employee experience.

The world of work has been drastically altered by the Covid-19 pandemic, with the speed of technological change making reskilling and upskilling a top priority for organizations. COLMEIA provides a repository of data on skills needed to succeed in a job and insight into potential reskilling activities. This allows employers to anticipate changes in their workforce demographics, assess profiles, reduce training and hiring costs, increase internal mobility, create more versatile employees, and demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility.

McKinsey research has found that half of employees now need new, more advanced skills to move to occupations one or two wage brackets higher, compared to just 6% before the pandemic. For employees, COLMEIA helps to ensure stable employment in an uncertain environment, as well as personal growth opportunities, improved understanding of career progress, and better motivation and engagement. This has never been more important than now, allowing individuals to stay ahead of the curve and make the most of the changing job market.

Unlocking the full potential of your M&A process requires a robust infrastructure. At COLMEIA, we understand the significance of adapting organizational structures during these transformative times. Our solution empowers you to establish a solid foundation by creating a reliable master data set that separates employee information from specific systems. With COLMEIA, you can swiftly design a workforce structure that maximizes synergies, expediting your M&A activities.

  • Gain transparency and oversight to accelerate M&A processes.
  • Cultivate cultural success by harmonizing responsibilities, values, compensation, and career paths across the enterprise.
  • Seamlessly create a unified job architecture for the expanded organization.
  • Facilitate precise HR reporting and planning in complex scenarios.
  • Identify redundant job titles and streamline your organization for enhanced flexibility and efficiency.

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, companies need to foster agility and innovation to deliver value to their customers. However, efficiency remains a crucial aspect. With the workforce often being the largest cost driver, organizations must prioritize controlling payroll expenses while managing evolving skill requirements and fostering transparency in pay systems. At COLMEIA, our tools provide the transparency and flexibility needed to optimize workforce management and anticipate the long-term impact of technology.

  • Streamline your organizational structure and enhance the efficiency of administrative HR processes.
  • Proactively identify roles susceptible to technological displacement and reskill teams accordingly.
  • Fuel your primary HR system with accurate and comprehensive structural data, uncovering inefficiencies and cost-saving opportunities.
  • Boost employee productivity by establishing clear responsibilities, harmonized structures, and defined career paths.
  • Establish an efficient pay system based on market values through internal and external benchmarking.
  • Enhance HR reporting accuracy and gain valuable insights.
  • Retain control over core master data even when outsourcing specific HR services like benefits administration, recruiting, relocation, or training.
  • Empower external providers to enrich your data with additional attributes and govern it effectively beyond your organization.

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